Class Procedures

On entry

  • Arrive on time (students in far 500 or 700 wing no more than 1 minute late)
  • Place your backpack on the shelves
  • Go to your workstation and logon Start project work – NO Internet surfing, email or games!
  • If you are late:
    • Quietly enter the room Put your late pass in the clip contraption on my desk
    • Follow the “On entry” procedure

During any announcement over the loud speaker

  • STOP talking for the full duration of the announcement
  • Listen while continuing to work

Lectures and Demonstrations

  • When asked, stop working and face front
  • During lectures be an active listener! Look at me and make eye contact
  • Keep question related to the topic being discussed
  • Occasionally while you are working, I will ask that you listen while continuing to work. These interruptions will be brief. Please continue to work, while listening and not talking


  • When the end of period bell rings
    • Save your work - Save your work periodically.
    • Log out – Be sure that you are completely logged out before leaving
    • Clean up your work area
    • Push your chair in

Conversation should be about what you are working on

If you finish a project early:

  • Help a class mate
  • Investigate the program
  • Create another Greeting Card
  • Plan a future project
  • Do a tutorial
  • You should NEVER have nothing to do


Project Procedures
  • Keep your "Projects" web page open on desktop
  • When you have a question about how to do something while working
  • Try something yourself
  • Ask a neighbor.
  • Be prepared to tell me what you tried that didn’t work when I get to you

Project Requirements

  • Name your file using the class file naming convention!
  • The “Turn-in” section on the class web page for each project will describe all the requirements for each particular exercise or project.
  • Students are responsible for checking the site and getting all of their work turned in.
  • Placing your work into the Completed Work (CW) folder
    • Students are responsible for getting their work in on time and insuring that the file is correct and readable
    • Follow these guidelines for turning in your work
      • You cannot “save as” from the application. This will result in a 0 byte file.
      • Put files into CW by copying and pasting the file or dragging it.
      • Once you place your file into CW, ALWAYS go to the CW folder and check:
        • That the file is not 0 bytes
        • That it is the correct file
        • That it is named correctly - misnamed files will lose points (See the File Naming convention)
        • That it opens
  • Students who are absent for any reason:
    • Students who have been absent are responsible for acquiring any necessary forms or papers for missed written assignments
    • Upon returning to class, it is the student’s responsibility to check to see if any assignments or demonstrations were missed
    • Check the “Turn In” section of the project or exercise for possible missed activities
    • All class demonstrations are recorded and are available the next class day for view.