Putting Objects Behind One Another

  • Place your object where you want it in the scene
  • Notice what objects in the scene need to move in front of your placed object
  • Zoom in on the object
  • Select the Background copy layer in the Layers palette
  • Turn off the inserted object layer
  • Very CAREFULLY select the object that will move in front - if the object is large this can be done in pieces -
    • Set feather at 0
    • Set anti-alised ON
  • Click CMD-J to copy and paste your selection onto a new layer
  • When you have all the pieces of the selected objects on new layers:
    • Make ONLY those layers visible (turn off the Background Copy too)
    • Select Merge Visible to merge the layers
  • Name and move the single new layer to the inserted objects's set and make sure that it is above the object so that it will display over it.

!!! Remember: Attention to Details !!!!